British royal titles for regions not in Britain

Which countries Recognise Queen Elizabeth as head of state?

Today, the Queen is head of state of 15 countries in the Commonwealth realm, including the UK. The other nations are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Saint Lucia, Solomon Islands, St Kitts and Nevis, and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Why are the princes Dukes of different places?

Choosing a dukedom (or other land-related title) to bestow onto a member of the royal family is at the discretion of the reigning monarch. Titles are usually given at the time of marriage, and in most cases, there doesn’t seem to be a clear reason Queen Elizabeth chooses a particular dukedom beyond its availability.

Why are royal titles named after places?

Ultimately, these place names are simply honorifics that sometimes come with monetary perks, but more importantly, they connect the royal family and other nobles to the traditions of their country’s past.

What royal titles are available?

Underneath that, the ranks follow in this order:

  • Duke/Duchess.
  • Marquees/Marchioness.
  • Earl/Countess.
  • Viscount/Viscountess.
  • Baron/Baroness.
  • Baronets.
  • Knight/Dame.
  • Esquire.

Who still recognizes the Queen of England?

Today, a governor-general is Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in each of the 15 of the 16* Commonwealth countries in which she is head of state: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Belize, Barbados, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, …

Can the Queen overrule the prime minister?

The monarch remains constitutionally empowered to exercise the royal prerogative against the advice of the prime minister or the cabinet, but in practice would only do so in emergencies or where existing precedent does not adequately apply to the circumstances in question.

What is a duke’s daughter called?


The daughters of a duke, marquess or earl have the courtesy title of “Lady” before their forename and surname.

Why is William a duke and not a prince?

The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) is the elder son of The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. He was given the title The Duke of Cambridge by The Queen on the day he married Miss Catherine Middleton in 2011.

Why is Prince Michael of Kent not a duke?

In the British Royal Family a son of a monarch is a royal prince and he is given the title of duke on his marriage. Prince Michael’s father, Prince George, was made Duke of Kent when he married Princess Marina of Greece, Prince Michael’s mother. The title Duke of Kent was inherited by Prince Michael’s older brother.

Can the Queen stop a war?

She doesn’t have absolute power by any means, though. This ability only applies in cases of ‘all-out warfare,’ and Parliament, the Prime Minister, and the rest of the government would have to permit it.

Does Queen Elizabeth have power in Canada?

Though Canada is an independent country, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth remains the nation’s head of state. The Queen does not play an active role in Canadian politics, and her powers are mostly symbolic. In recent years, Canadians have become more critical of the monarchy and often debate its future.

What is a Count’s wife called?

Countess: Is the female equivalent of an earl and a count. This title can be used by an unmarried woman in her own right, or by the wife of a man who is an earl or a count.

What is the widow of a duke called?

Thus a duke’s wife is titled a “duchess“, a marquess’s wife a “marchioness”, an earl’s wife a “countess”, a viscount’s wife a “viscountess” and a baron’s wife a “baroness”.

What is a marquess wife called?


A Marquess (pronounced: Mar-kwiss) is the second highest grade of the peerage. Wives of Marquesses are styled Marchioness (pronounced: Marsh-on-ess).

How do duchesses get their title?

Married into the royal family

The Queen can also bestow titles to those who marry into the royal family, as well as to existing members of the royal family. The title of duke is more senior than that of prince and the Queen gave her grandsons those additional titles when they married, making their wives duchesses.

What is the Queens title in Scotland?


Region Date Title
Nebraska, United States ? – present Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska
Rhodesia 11 November 1965 – 2 March 1970 Queen of Rhodesia
Scotland 1 July 1999 – present Queen of Scots
United Kingdom 6 February 1952 – present Fount of Justice

Is Queen Elizabeth 11 related to Mary, Queen of Scots?

Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendant of Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary, Queen of Scots ruled Scotland from 1542 to 1567. Her son, James VI and I,…

Was Elizabeth II A Princess of Wales?

Since the title of Prince of Wales is not automatic, there have been times when it was held by no one. There was no heir apparent during the reign of King George VI, who had no sons. Princess Elizabeth was heiress presumptive and was hence not titled Princess of Wales.

Is Prince William the heir presumptive?

Queen Elizabeth II is the sovereign, and her heir apparent is her eldest son, Charles, Prince of Wales. Next in line after him is Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the Prince of Wales’s elder son.

Can the Prince of Wales speak Welsh?

Can Prince Charles speak Welsh? Charles has spoken Welsh on a number of occasions over the course of his time as Prince of Wales. As shown in The Crown, Charles did actually give a speech in Welsh to the crowds gathered at the castle.

Will William become Prince of Wales?

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Willam and Kate. Currently known as the Duchess of Cambridge, when William becomes next in line to the throne, his title will automatically change to Prince of Wales, the title historically held by those first in line.

What does Kate call the Queen?

It is thought the Duchess of Cambridge refers to the Queen as ‘Mama‘.

What will Kate be called when William is king?

Queen Consort

When William is king, it is likely that his wife will be known as Queen Catherine. The last person to hold the title Queen Consort was the current queen’s mother.

Why was Diana a princess but not Camilla?

Diana was termed HRH Diana Princess of Wales because her husband’s title was as HRH The Prince of Wales. As Camilla chose not to use the tittle recognised as Diana’s by the public, out of respect, she chose to use another of her husband’s titles, the Duke of Cornwell, which makes her the Duchess of Cornwell.

Why is the Duchess of Cornwall not a princess?

Apparently, the decision to refuse Camilla the title of queen was made partly out of respect for Charles’ late wife, Princess Diana, after her death in 1997 in a car accident in Paris. That is also why Camilla doesn’t use “Princess of Wales” and opts to go by the title “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall”.

Why isn’t Kate called princess?

The Prince of Wales title can only be allocated by the reigning monarch, so Prince Charles may want to impart the title to his elder son when he ascends the throne. If William becomes the Prince of Wales, it is likely Kate will be known as the Princess of Wales.

Why is Katherine not a princess?

Why is Kate not a princess? Even though Diana was known as ‘Princess Diana’, Kate is not a princess just because she married Prince William. To become a Princess, one has to be born into the Royal Family such as Prince William and Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, or the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne.

Does Kate Middleton have royal blood?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (née Middleton) is descended from King Edward IV through her mother, Carole Middleton, and from King Edward III through her father, Michael Middleton.

Why do the Royals sleep in separate beds?

Why do the royals sleep in separate beds? Reportedly, the reason why some royals chose to sleep in different beds all comes down to an upper-class tradition which originated in Britain. According to Lady Pamela Hicks, Prince Philip’s cousin, the aristocracy “always have separate bedrooms”.

What was Diana’s title?

Diana subsequently became officially titled as Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales after her wedding day. Diana also inherited other female equivalent titles that her husband possessed. So Diana was additionally the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Rothesay.

How old was the Prince of Wales when he got married?

Season 4 of The Crown depicts Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s courtship and troubled marriage. Diana was 19 when she marred Charles, then 32, in an elaborate ceremony. Here’s how the couple’s 13-year age gap may have affected their relationship.

Will Camilla be Queen?

But surprisingly, in the queen’s message to the nation last weekend to mark this special occasion, she announced that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who has been married to Prince Charles for the past 17 years, will become queen consort on Charles’s ascension to the throne.