Was it ever deemed illegal to translate the Qu’ran?

Is it forbidden to translate the Quran?

What we need to understand is that the Qur’an, in its original Arabic text, is God’s word. Its translation is an expression by the translator of what he has understood of the Qur’an. Therefore, it is liable to error. Translations into other languages may have errors.

Why can’t the Quran be technically translated?

The Qur’an is considered miraculous and inimitable; therefore removing it from its original form thus means stripping it of one of its essential attributes. Another reason that Islamic theology has always been opposed to the translation of the Qur’an is due to the very nature of the Arabic language.

Has the Quran been translated?

The Holy Quran has been translated into more than 100 European, Asian, and African languages. In 1936, translations of the Quran into 102 languages were available. Currently, there are about 62 English translations of the Holy Quran.

Who was the first person to translate the Quran into English?

1649 The earliest known translation of the Qur’an into the English Language was The Alcoran of Mahomet in 1649 by Alexander Ross, chaplain to King Charles I.

Can you get an English version of the Quran?

It is a pure translation of the Quran, from Arabic to English, and it does not try to emphasize any school of thought. The text purely and accurately translates the Holy Quran, from Arabic, into contemporary English. It was translated by a Muslim, who saw firsthand the miracles inside the Quran.

Where is the original Quran kept?

The Topkapi manuscript is an early manuscript of the Quran dated to the early 8th century. It is kept in the Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul, Turkey.

Can the Quran be written in other languages?

Writing, reading Quran in languages other than Arabic is prohibited, says Harussani. (File pix) Harussani said this was because the text of the Quran in other languages not accompanied by the Arabic text could not be considered as Quran.

Has the Quran been changed?

Orthodox Muslims insist that no changes have occurred to the Koran since the Uthmanic recension. But this view is challenged by the Sa’na manuscripts, which date from shortly after the Uthmanic recension. “There are dialectal and phonetical variations that don’t make any sense in the text”, says Puin.

Can the Quran touch the ground?

Quran-handling regulations extend far beyond disposal. Depending on their chosen sect, Muslims are forbidden to touch the Quran during menstruation, allow the book to touch the ground, leave it open after reading, use it as a pillow, or take it into impure places such as the bathroom.

Who wrote the Quran Really?

Abu Bakr

The present form of the Quran text is accepted by Muslim scholars to be the original version compiled by Abu Bakr.

Was the Quran written before Muhammad?

Researchers from the University of Oxford have said that fragments from the oldest discovered the Quran, appear to predate the founding of Islam by the prophet Muhammad, which could reshape early Islamic history, The Times of London reports.

Who revealed the Quran to Muhammad?

the angel Gabriel

According to conventional Islamic belief, the Qurʾān was revealed by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad in the West Arabian towns Mecca and Medina beginning in 610 and ending with Muhammad’s death in 632 ce.

What did Allah tell Muhammad?

The voice called after him, “O Muhammad, you are the messenger of God, and I am the angel Gabriel.” This revelation was soon followed by others about the one true God. Eventually, the angel told Muhammad to begin proclaiming God’s message.

What does Quran translate to?

Translations of the Qurʻan are considered interpretations of the scripture of Islam in languages other than Arabic. The Qurʻan was originally written in the Arabic language and has been translated into most major African, Asian and European languages.

How many years was it between Muhammad’s first revelation and conquered Mecca?

Muslims believe that the Quran was verbally revealed from God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel gradually over a period of approximately 23 years, beginning on 22 December 609 CE, when Muhammad was 40, and concluding in 632 CE, the year of his death.

How Mecca came under the control of Prophet Muhammad?

In 630 CE, the Muslim army approached Mecca; the doors were opened and the city surrendered. Muhammad entered Mecca and offered all people amnesty if they took refuge either in the Ka’aba or Abu Sufyan’s house (who had by that time accepted Islam).

Why did the Quraysh oppose Islam?

Conflict with Muhammad

The polytheistic Quraysh opposed the monotheistic message preached by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, himself a Qurayshi from the Banu Hashim. The tribe harassed members of the nascent Muslim community, and attempted to harm Muhammad, but he was protected by his uncle Abu Talib.

How did Muhammad change the Kaaba?

Muhammad reportedly cleansed the Kaaba of idols upon his victorious return to Mecca, returning the shrine to the monotheism of Ibrahim. The Black Stone is believed to have been given to Ibrahim by the angel Gabriel and is revered by Muslims.

What is inside Mecca black box?

Is there anything inside? The Kaaba is built around a sacred black stone, a meteorite that Muslims believe was placed by Abraham and Ishmael in a corner of the Kaaba, a symbol of God’s covenant with Abraham and Ishmael and, by extension, with the Muslim community itself.

What is inside Kaaba Black Stone?

During a pilgrim’s ritual, many tend to seek the Black Stone situated in the eastern corner of the Kaaba. While the Black Stone is thought to be a whole, which can be seen placed in a silver encasement, it is actually comprised of eight small rocks but molded together using Arabic frankincense.

Can non Muslims go to Mecca?

Can non-Muslims do the hajj? No. Although Christians and Jews believe in the God of Abraham, they are not allowed to perform the hajj. Indeed, the government of Saudi Arabia forbids all non-Muslims from entering the holy city of Mecca at all.

Who will destroy Kaaba?

Dhul-Suwayqatayn (Arabic: ذوالسويقتين) is an Islamic belief in which an Abyssinian (Ethiopian) group of men will destined by God to destroy the Kaaba.

Who is buried beside Prophet Muhammad?

The first and second Rashidun Caliphs, Abu Bakr and Umar, are buried next to Muhammad.

Can a woman go to Mecca alone?

The hajj ministry has officially allowed women of all ages to make the pilgrimage without a male relative, known as a “mehrem,” on the condition that they go in a group.

How much does Hajj cost?

Considering Hajj Costs

While the pilgrimage is affordable for most locals, those living outside of Saudi Arabia can expect the total cost to range from US$3,000 to US$10,000 per person. You will use cash for many of the day-to-day expenses.

What do you call a female who has performed Hajj?

Hajj (حَجّ) and haji (حاجي) are transliterations of Arabic words that mean “pilgrimage” and “one who has completed the Hajj to Mecca,” respectively. The term hajah or hajjah (حجة) is the female version of haji.

Why do we go anti clockwise around the Kaaba?

We know that human blood flows around the body. However, the most interesting thing about blood circulation is that it starts circulating in the body in an anticlockwise flow! The Blood initiates its circulation Anticlockwise and it is one of the reasons why Tawaf around the Holy Kaaba is performed anticlockwise.

Which idol was installed at the top of Kaaba Allah?


Hubal (Arabic: هُبَل) was a god worshipped in pre-Islamic Arabia, notably by the Quraysh at the Kaaba in Mecca. The god’s idol was a human figure believed to control acts of divination, which was performed by tossing arrows before the statue.

Which direction do you walk around Kaaba?

Circle the Kaaba

During Hajj, pilgrims must walk around it seven times counterclockwise. This way the Kaaba stays on their left side. Muslims pray five times in a day, wherever they are in the world. They face the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.