What did General John Sullivan’s sons do?

What happened to the American General Sullivan?

Sullivan died in his home in Durham on January 23, 1795. He was interred in the family cemetery in Durham.

Who burned 40 Indian towns?

the Sullivan Expedition

” In 1779 during the American Revolutionary War, the Sullivan Expedition, under Washington’s orders, destroyed at least 40 Iroquois villages in New York, they claimed the tribe came from, after they defended against “American settlements” on their lands.

Who was John Sullivan in the Battle of Trenton?

On Christmas day 1776 he crossed the Delaware River with American forces into Trenton, New Jersey. His command secured a strategic crossing point south of Trenton – the bridge over the Assunpink Creek. This in turn blocked Hessian soldiers from escaping. Trenton proved a decisive victory for the Patriots.

Who was John Sullivan of Durham NH?

Monument to John Sullivan in Durham, New Hampshire. Sullivan was colonial in the Revolutionary War, a delegate in the Continental Congress, governor of New Hampshire, and a United States federal judge . -10-18.

Did John Sullivan appear in only fools?

John Richard Thomas Sullivan OBE (23 December 1946 – ) was an English television scriptwriter responsible for several British sitcoms, including Only Fools and Horses, Citizen Smith and Just Good Friends.

Who won the battle of Trenton?


Despite the large number of Hessians that escaped Trenton, Washington still won a crucial strategic and material victory. In only one hour of fighting, the Continental Army captured nearly nine hundred Hessian officers and soldiers as well as a large supply of muskets, bayonets, swords, and cannons.

What did the natives call George Washington?


The elder Washington’s reputation was remembered and when the Native Americans met his great-grandson in 1753 they called George Washington by the same name, Conotocarious.

Who won the battle of Germantown 1777?


At the Battle of Germantown on October 4, 1777, during the American Revolution, British forces in Pennsylvania defeated the American Continental Army under General George Washington (1732-99).

What happened to the Hessian prisoners after the Battle of Trenton?

When Hessians were captured, especially after the Battle of Trenton, they would be paraded through the streets. The colonists’ anger toward their mother country using “foreign mercenaries” to subdue them was infuriating and increased military enlistments for the Continental Army.

Who crossed the Delaware with George Washington?

Washington crossed the river with John Glover’s Marblehead mariners and upon arrival debated whether or not to cancel the entire operation because it was more than three hours behind schedule. Washington decided it was too costly to retreat and he painfully watched as his army continued to trickle across the river.

Who won the Battle of Philadelphia?

The British won the Battle of Philadelphia without firing a shot. After General Washington had lost at the Battle of Brandywine and the Clouds, his…

Was George Washington an Indian fighter?

George Washington, like many 8th Virginia men, was a Indian fighter. His first war was the French and Indian War–a war, it is frequently said, he personally started. Washington’s last war was the Northwest Indian War, which he oversaw as President and commander in chief.

Did George Washington have children?

George Washington did not have any children. Despite that fact, there were always children at Mount Vernon. They raised Martha Washington’s two children from a previous marriage, as well as her four grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.

Did George Washington hurt Native Americans?

And in 1791 Washington dispatched an army to defeat Indian resistance to American expansion by destroying Indian villages in northwest Ohio (a tactic that backfired when the Indians destroyed the army).

What was an outcome of the Sullivan Clinton campaign?

By the end of the expedition, Sullivan’s army had destroyed over forty villages and many isolated homes. They had destroyed at least 160,000 bushels of corn, and an untold number of other vegetables and fruit, with the loss of only 40 men.

Who won the Sullivan Expedition?

Marching slowly north into the Six Nations territory in central western New York, the campaign had only one major battle, the Battle of Newtown, fought on August 29. It was a complete victory for the Continental Army.

Which leader defeated the British at the Battle of Freeman’s Farm?

Burgoyne’s strategy to divide New England from the southern colonies had started well but slowed due to logistical problems. He won a small tactical victory over General Horatio Gates and the Continental Army in the September 19 Battle of Freeman’s Farm at the cost of significant casualties.

What happened at the Battle of Bemis Heights?

The forces met at Bemis Heights, a densely wooded plateau south of Saratoga. Arnold played a major role in the attack, charging to the front and leading the American forces in battle. They drove the British forces back to their camp, again inflicting heavy losses.

Who won the Battle of Bemis Heights?

British casualties were estimated to be 440 killed, 700 wounded, and 6,222 captured. Outcome – The result of the battle was an American victory. The battle was part of the Saratoga Campaign 1777.

How many people died at Freeman’s Farm?

The day ended with the British holding Freeman’s Farm, but it had been an incredibly bloody affair. Nearly 600 British soldiers had been killed, wounded, or captured and more than 300 Americans had been killed, wounded or captured.

Why did the battle of Freeman’s Farm happen?

He won a small tactical victory over Major General Horatio Gates in the Battle of Freeman’s Farm. The battle began when Burgoyne moved some of his troops in an attempt to flank the entrenched American position on Bemis Heights.

Who do many historians argue is the real hero of Saratoga?

However, his plot was foiled, and Arnold, the hero of the early battles of Ticonderoga and Saratoga, became the most famous traitor in American history.

Where was the Battle of Bennington fought?

The Battle of Bennington, on August 16, 1777, formed part of the Saratoga Campaign. The battle was fought at Walloomsac, New York, ten miles northwest of Bennington, Vermont. In this encounter, New Hampshire militia under Brigadier General John Stark clashed with two British detachments under General John Burgoyne.

How many deaths were in Battle of Bennington?

Casualties – American casualties were estimated to be 30 killed and 40 wounded. British casualties was approximately 207 killed or wounded and 700 captured. Outcome – The result of the battle was an American victory. The battle was part of the Saratoga Campaign 1777.

How did the Battle of Bennington end?

Battle of Bennington, (August 16, 1777), in the American Revolution, victory by American militiamen defending colonial military stores in Bennington, Vermont, against a British raiding party.

Who won Battle of Germantown?


At the Battle of Germantown on October 4, 1777, during the American Revolution, British forces in Pennsylvania defeated the American Continental Army under General George Washington (1732-99).

What was George Washington’s first victory?

At approximately 8 a.m. on the morning of December 26, 1776, General George Washington’s Continental Army reaches the outskirts of Trenton, New Jersey, and descends upon the unsuspecting Hessian force guarding the city.

What state was the Battle of Brandywine?


On September 11, 1777, General Sir William Howe and General Charles Cornwallis launch a full-scale British attack on General George Washington and the Patriot outpost at Brandywine Creek near Chadds Ford, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on the road linking Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Who won the battles of Germantown and Brandywine?

The battle was a decisive victory for the British. They held off the attack and inflicted around 1000 casualties on the Americans while only suffering around 500 themselves. Despite losing the battle, Germantown actually helped the Americans in winning the war.

What was the point of the Battle of Brandywine?

The Battle of Brandywine, fought just outside of Philadelphia on September 11, 1777, resulted in an overarching British victory and the conquest of the rebel seat of government.

Was Alexander Hamilton at the Battle of Brandywine?

After parrying with Howe most of the summer, Washington engaged him, and was defeated, at Brandywine Creek in September. On September 18, Hamilton led a small force to destroy a flour warehouse before the advancing British troops could confiscate it, and was almost killed when British scouts fired on his party.

What did George Washington say about Hamilton’s death?

Hamilton’s life unraveled after Washington’s death

By some he is considered as an ambitious man, and therefore a dangerous one,” Washington wrote to his successor. “That he is ambitious I shall readily grant, but it is of that laudable kind, which prompts a man to excel in whatever he takes in hand.”

Was Marquis de Lafayette a patriot?

Lafayette received a trial by combat at the Battle of Brandywine in September 1777. Wounded in the leg, the young French aristocrat immediately became a patriot in the eyes of the American revolutionaries. He recuperated quickly at a Moravian hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and rejoined Washington in October 1777.