What kind of slang terms were used in Massachusetts in 1947?

What are some Boston slang words?

10 Common Boston Slang Words

  • Wicked = “very” or “really” …
  • Townie = local who’s never left their neighbourhood. …
  • The Cape = Cape Cod. …
  • Packie = liquor store. …
  • Bubbler (pronounced bubblah) = water fountain. …
  • The Hub = the city of Boston. …
  • Grinder (pronounced grindah) = sandwich/hoagie. …
  • No Suh = no sir (expression of disbelief)

What is the most Boston thing to say?

15 Phrases That Will Make You Swear Bostonians Have Their Own Language

  • “My friend just moved into a three decker.” …
  • “My apartment’s in a wicked good location.” …
  • “We’re out of beer. …
  • “Did you remember to buy tonic?” …
  • “I’d like a green monster frappe.” …
  • We’re going down the Cape this weekend.

What words do New Englanders say weird?

New Englanders pronounce “drawer” as “draw.” “Huck” is used in place of “throw” or “chuck.” “Frappe” is used in place of “milkshake” or “shake.” Someone may give you directions for “down the road” but you could end up traveling ten miles or more before reaching the destination.

What is a Barney in Boston slang?

barney – a Harvard student or graduate (used by working class residents of Somerville).

What is a wicked Pissah?

wicked pissah (comparative more wicked pissah, superlative most wicked pissah) (US, New England, slang) Outstanding; awesome. The Red Sox World Series run in 2004 was wicked pissah!

What does Pissah mean in Boston?


Breaking down the word we have, Pissah: meaning “great” or “amazing” either realistically or sarcastically. You might also here people say and spell this as, “pissa”, or “pisser” if your talking to someone from Boston,. Occasionally combined with “wicked” to yield “wicked pissah.

What do Bostonians call Cape Cod?

5. Down the Cape. This refers to Cape Cod, the most popular place to hang out in the summer.

How do Bostonians say chowder?


Chowdah. This is how to say clam chowder with a Boston accent.

How do Bostonians say beer?

Kegga: a beer (beeah) bash.

Do Bostonians really say wicked?

New Englanders have a certain way of saying things. In Yankee country, we call remote controls “clickers,” traffic circles “rotaries,” and subs “grinders.” Mainers tack unnecessary “r”s onto words, like idear, while Bostonians drop ’em all together. It’s wicked weeeahd.

What is a Boston bro?

In my experience as a native of a blue collar suburban Boston town the word brother is used most often by middle aged working class white men who usually have a noticeable accent, similar to the man described in the article above.

What’s a Johnny in British slang?

johnny. / (ˈdʒɒnɪ) / noun plural -nies British. (often capital) informal a man or boy; chap. a slang word for condom.

What does mass Hole mean?

A piece of “coarse slang” defined as “a term of contempt for a native or inhabitant of the state of Massachusetts,” Masshole was one of nearly 500 words added to the dictionary on Wednesday, along with twerk, sext, hyperlocal, freegan, fratty, and fo’ shizzle.

What do you call a Boston accent?

Non-rhoticity. The traditional Boston accent is widely known for being non-rhotic (or “r-dropping”), particularly before the mid-20th century. Recent studies have shown that younger speakers use more of a rhotic (or r-ful) accent than older speakers.

What do locals call Boston Common?

The Boston Common (also known as the Common) is a central public park in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. It is sometimes erroneously called the Boston Commons.
Boston Common.

Area 50 acres (200,000 m2)
Built 1634
Architect Multiple, including Augustus St. Gaudens
NRHP reference No. 72000144 (original) 87000760 (new)
Significant dates

Why is Boston called Beantown if it ain’t got no coffee?

Puritans took to the beans, the slave trade brought us molasses, and the most common tale is that sailors and merchants passing through the region’s biggest city would enjoy the quick, cheap meal to such a degree that the Beantown nickname emerged through word of mouth.

Why is Boston called Titletown?

Titletown. refers to Boston’s historic dominance in professional sports, specifically the Boston Celtics, who have won 17 NBA Championships, and the New England Patriots, who have won six Super Bowl Titles.

What is Massachusetts state animal?

State Dog or Dog Emblem
The Boston Terrier (Canis familiaris bostenensis), the first purebred dog developed in America (1869), is a cross between an English bulldog and an English terrier. It was recognized by the Legislature on May 14, 1979 as the state dog or dog emblem of the Commonwealth.

What is Massachusetts Flower?


Mayflower: A Herald of Spring and Our State Flower | Grow Native Massachusetts.

What is Massachusetts state muffin?

List of U.S. state foods

State Food type Food name
Massachusetts State muffin Corn muffin
State bean Baked navy bean
State berry Cranberry
State dessert Boston cream pie

What is Massachusetts state rock?

State symbols

Type Symbol Law
Historical rock Plymouth Rock M.G.L. Ch. 2, §23
Explorer rock Dighton Rock M.G.L. Ch. 2, §24
Building and monument stone Granite M.G.L. Ch. 2, §25
Heroine Deborah Sampson M.G.L. Ch. 2, §26

Are there salmon in Massachusetts?

There are two water bodies in Massachusetts that have landlocked salmon—the Quabbin Reservoir and the Wachusett Reservoir. In New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, there are far more waters with these salmon, some of the more famous being Lake Winnipesaukee and Lake Champlain.

Are pickerel native to Massachusetts?

Like brook trout, brown bullheads, yellow perch, and pumpkinseeds, pickerel are true Massachusetts natives. Bass, bluegills, carp, and a host of the state’s other game and non-game fish were introduced here both intentionally and unintentionally.

Are trout native to Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is home to native brook trout, including the most significant sea-run populations outside of Maine. While there are no longer any active restoration projects within the state, the state is still home to remnant populations of federally endangered Atlantic salmon.

Why are native trout so small?

Throughout their native range, brook trout are often protected by closed seasons during the spawn. Outside their native range, brook trout can spawn so successfully that they overpopulate a stream or lake, resulting in stunted fish that can outcompete native species for food and habitat.

Are brown trout native to Massachusetts?

Brown trout get their name from their golden-brown color. Also known as German brown trout and Loch Leven Trout, they are native to Europe and Asia and were introduced into Massachusetts in the late 1800s. They are 9–18 inches long when stocked.

How do you tell the difference between a male and female brook trout?

By age two most trout display sexual dimorphism and males can be differentiated from females. One way to tell the difference is by looking for a kype (hook-like distal tip of the lower jaw) another is to look at the coloration on the trout’s belly.

Why do trout get hook jaw?

A kype is a hook-like secondary sex characteristic which develops at the distal tip of the lower jaw in some male salmonids prior to the spawning season. The structure usually develops in the weeks prior to, and during, migration to the spawning grounds.

How fast does a rainbow trout grow?

Trout can be expected to grow about one inch in length per month during the spring and summer growing season in natural waters. Fed fish grow somewhat faster. Advanced fry (fish one or two inches in length) are cheaper but mortality losses are about 30 to 50 percent.