What led Guderian as far south as Gomel, in August, 1941?

Who won the battle of Smolensk 1941?

Battle of Smolensk (1941)

Date 8–31 July 1941 (German historiography) 10 July – 10 September 1941 (Soviet historiography)
Location Smolensk (Russian SFSR) vicinity, Soviet Union Coordinates: 54°46′58″N 32°02′43″E
Result German victory

Why was the Battle of Smolensk important?

Smolensk had been under German occupation since the first Battle of Smolensk in 1941. Despite an impressive German defense, the Red Army was able to stage several breakthroughs, liberating several major cities including Smolensk and Roslavl. They moved into occupied Belorussia.

Who won the battle of Uman?

The 6th army was commanded by Lieutenant General I. N. Muzychenko and the 12th army by Major General P. G.

Battle of Uman
The eastern front at the time of the Battle of Uman.
Date 15 July–8 August 1941 Location Right-bank Ukraine Result Axis victory
Germany Romania Hungary Slovakia Soviet Union

Why was the Eastern Front so bloody?

The fighting on the Eastern Front was terrible and incessant, brutal beyond belief. Both sides fought with demonic fury—the Germans to crush the hated Slavs, and the Soviets to defend the sacred soil of Mother Russia. Atrocities including beheadings and mass rapes occurred daily.

Who fought in the Battle of Smolensk?

The Battle of Smolensk was the first major battle of the French invasion of Russia. It took place on 16–18 August 1812 and involved about 45,000 men of the Grande Armée under Emperor Napoleon I against about 30,000 Russian troops under General Barclay de Tolly.

What is the Smolensk gate?

The Smolensk Gate is situated between the Dnieper and Dzwina river systems in an area that has historically been the primary avenue of invasion from Russia to Poland.

Is Belarus a Smolensk?

Smolensk Oblast ([1]) is a region in Central Russia, which borders Bryansk Oblast to the southwest, Belarus to the west, Pskov Oblast to the northwest, Tver Oblast to the north, Moscow Oblast to the east, and Kaluga Oblast to the southeast.

Who liberated Vienna in ww2?


On April 13, 1945, Soviet soldiers of the 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts completed their conquest of Vienna, the Austrian city where Hitler had spent six years before World War I as a starving artist.

Who won the Battle of Eylau?

The French

The French held the field, but only just. The French suffered 20,000 casualties – the Russians lost a similar number – making this one of the 19th century’s bloodiest battles. Napoleon claimed victory, but only because his army held the field.

How did Napoleon win the battle of Friedland?

Relying on superior numbers and the vulnerability of the Russians with their backs to the river, Napoleon concluded that the moment had come and ordered a massive assault against the Russian left flank. The sustained French attack pushed back the Russian army and pressed them against the river behind.

Why did France invade Russia?

The French invasion of Russia, also known as the Russian campaign, the Second Polish War, the Second Polish campaign, the Patriotic War of 1812, and the War of 1812, was begun by Napoleon to force Russia back into the Continental blockade of the United Kingdom.

How did Winter impact Napoleon’s army in Russia?

After waiting a month for a surrender that never came, Napoleon, faced with the onset of the Russian winter, was forced to order his starving army out of Moscow. During the disastrous retreat, Napoleon’s army suffered continual harassment from a suddenly aggressive and merciless Russian army.

How many soldiers Napoleon lost when his army left Moscow?

25, Napoleon had lost 105,000 of his main army of 265,000, leaving just 160,000 soldiers. Within two weeks, typhus had reduced the army to 103,000. Gen. Mikhail Kutusov of the Russian forces set up a defensive position in Borodino, about 70 miles west of Moscow.

Did Napoleon freeze Russia?

When Napoleon Invaded Russia, Freezing Weather And Determined Defenders Drove Him Back. Napoleon’s 1812 invasion of Russia is one of the most famous campaigns of his career. It was extraordinary for many reasons.

How many of Napoleon’s 600000 troops made it out of Russia?


The French emperor—intent on conquering Europe—sent 600,000 troops into Russia. Six disastrous months later, only an estimated 100,000 made it out.

Who is better Napoleon or Alexander?

Alexander the Great (356 bc-323 bc).

Tutored by Aristotle at a young age, he became king after his father, Phillip II, was assassinated. While he never officially ranked the seven commanders, Napoleon himself, along with many other historians, seemed to consider Alexander the best.

Did Napoleon burn Moscow?

As soon as Napoleon and his Grand Army entered Moscow, on 14 September 1812, the capital erupted in flames that eventually engulfed and destroyed two thirds of the city.

Why did Napoleon burn Moscow?

The Moscow military governor, Count Fyodor Rostopchin, has been blamed to have organised the destruction of the sacred former capital to weaken the French army in the scorched city even more.
Fire of Moscow (1812)

Fire of Moscow
Napoleon Mikhail Kutuzov

What is Napoleon’s last Battle called?

The Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo marked the final defeat of Napoleon. On June 22, 1815, four days after losing the conflict, Napoleon abdicated as emperor of France for the second and last time and was later exiled to St.

What was Napoleon’s last Battle?

The Battle of Waterloo

Contents. The Battle of Waterloo, which took place in Belgium on June 18, 1815, marked the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte, who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century.

Who defeated Napoleon in Russia?


Napoleon and his Grand Army of 600,000 men invaded Russia on June 24, 1812. The conflict that ensued was justly called the Patriotic War by the Russians; in it, the strong resistance and outstanding endurance of an entire people were displayed. The war transformed Alexander, suffusing him with energy and determination.

What did Napoleon think of Alexander the Great?

While he never officially ranked the seven commanders, Napoleon himself, along with many other historians, seemed to consider Alexander the best. “I place Alexander in the first rank,” Napoleon told Bourrienne.

Who stopped Napoleon?

At Waterloo in Belgium, Napoleon Bonaparte suffers defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellington, bringing an end to the Napoleonic era of European history.

How are Alexander the Great Like Napoleon?

Alexander and Napoleon share similarities in their warfare, and how they used it to conquer and establish new lands. Alexander the Great’s strong perseverance and incredible battle strategies led to increase his power over his empire.

Did Napoleon look up Alexander?

Alexander the Great (356 bc-323 bc).

Tutored by Aristotle at a young age, he became king after his father, Phillip II, was assassinated. While he never officially ranked the seven commanders, Napoleon himself, along with many other historians, seemed to consider Alexander the best.

Who would win Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar?

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar set the standard of what a leader should be. However, despite the two leader’s great accomplishments, Alexander the Great is a better leader.

Did Napoleon and Alexander like each other?

Napoleon was charmed by Alexander, describing him as “especially handsome, like a hero with all the graces of an amiable Parisian.” The Tsar, in turn, seemed in awe of Napoleon and his sheer power. As they said goodbye, Napoleon was convinced he had turned the Tsar into a friend and ally.