What were non-Communist contemporary reactions to Stalin’s purges?

What was the great purge definition quizlet?

What were the great purges? A period of time, where millions of Russians in the Communist Party- the army, the arts, and sciences and many other walks of life were arrested and were either sent to labor camps or shot.

Who was against Stalin?

Trotsky, firmer than ever in his opposition to Stalin, was exiled to Alma-ata in January 1928 and was exiled from the Soviet Union itself in February 1929, sent into exile in Turkey. From his exile, Trotsky continued to oppose Stalin, right up until Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico on Stalin’s orders in August 1940.

What was Stalin’s approach to communism?

It included the creation of a one-party totalitarian police state, rapid industrialization, the theory of socialism in one country, collectivization of agriculture, intensification of class conflict, a cult of personality, and subordination of the interests of foreign communist parties to those of the Communist Party …

What caused the tension between the Soviet Union and the US after the war?

The Soviet Union had established communist control, and the United States wanted to limit the spread of communism. The United States felt that they carried much of the financial burden of World War II.

What were Stalin’s purges quizlet?

What were the Purges? The executions and imprisonments of Russian citizens during Stalins Rule.

What happened during Stalin’s Great purge quizlet?

The Great Purge was form 1934-1936. Stalin used his secret police to spy on the people who disagreed with him. Then the police would arrest them and sent them to labor camps in Siberia or kill them. Around 8 million people died.

What does Tankie mean slang?

Tankie is a pejorative label for communists, particularly Stalinists, who support the authoritarian tendencies of Marxism–Leninism.

Why didn’t Trotsky go to Lenin’s funeral?

Funeral service

There assembled crowds listened to a series of speeches delivered by Mikhail Kalinin, Grigory Zinoviev, and Joseph Stalin, but notably not Leon Trotsky, who had been convalescing in the Caucasus. Trotsky would later claim that Stalin had given him the wrong date for the funeral.

Why was Stalin important in ww2?

Stalin industrialized the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, forcibly collectivized its agriculture, consolidated his position by intensive police terror, helped to defeat Germany in 1941–45, and extended Soviet controls to include a belt of eastern European states.

What was one result of the Great Purge quizlet?

Effects: (1) Millions died during this purge. (2) His power became absolute because everyone feared to speak out against him. (3) Russia would be at a disadvantage when Germany invaded in 1941 because Stalin assassinated so many of his military leaders.

What did Stalin want accomplish with the Great Purge of 1937 quizlet?

What did Stalin want to accomplish with the Great Purge of 1937? He wanted to eliminate any opposition. Why was Stalin able to retain his position of power in the Communist Party? He was unopposed.

What did Trotsky stand for?

Trotskyism meant the idea that the Russian proletariat might win the power in advance of the Western proletariat, and that in that case it could not confine itself within the limits of a democratic dictatorship but would be compelled to undertake the initial socialist measures.

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TANKER (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

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