What were the cost of comparable aircraft?

The F-15EX costs $87.7 million per aircraft, and can fly for up to 20,000 hours at a cost of $29,000 per hour. So $29,000 per hour x 20,000 hours + $87.7 million for the aircraft comes out to a pretty serious $667.7 million dollars.

How much did World War 2 planes cost?

A P-51 Mustang built in 1945 at $50,985 times 12.02 would cost $612,839.70. Compare this to the $140 million the F-22 costs today.

How much does an aircraft cost?

‍How Much Do Commercial Airplanes Cost?

Plane Cost (in USD)
Boeing 737-800 $106.1 million
Boeing 737-700 $89.1 million
Airbus A320 $98 million
Airbus A321 $114.9 million

How much did the F 15 program cost?

How Much Does An F15 Strike Eagle Cost? $90 is the price of a F-15EX. It can fly for up to 20,000 hours for about $29,000 each, and its price per aircraft is $700,000.

How much does an F 16 cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Build An F-16? Prices range from $12 million to $35 million, depending on configuration.

How much did a Spitfire cost during the war?

Back when production of the Spitfire was underway it cost an average of £12,604 for each aircraft. Today that would equate to just under £800,000 for each Spitfire produced.

How much did a Spitfire cost in 1939?

9. Each Spitfire cost £12,604 to build in 1939. That’s around £681,000 in today’s money. Compared to the astronomical cost of modern fighter aircraft, this seems like a snip.

How much does a 747 cost?

Buying a New Boeing 747

A new Boeing 747-8 costs around $420 million in 2021, but the price can be negotiated if an airline purchases multiple aircraft, or if they have a long partnership with Boeing. What is this? Airlines that maintain all-Boeing fleets receive the best prices from Boeing.

How much does a cheap plane cost?

Ultralight aircrafts are the most inexpensive option. These are single-seat, single-engine planes that are ideal for personal recreation. An ultralight aircraft can usually be purchased new for an average range of $8000 to $15,000. Single-engine planes will typically cost between $15,000 and $100,000.

What is the least expensive airplane?

The cheapest airplanes to fly and buy are small personal aircraft as you might have guessed. The most affordable planes to buy are the Cessna 150, Ercoupe 415-C, Aeronca Champ, Beechcraft Skipper, Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Luscombe Silvaire, Stinson 108, and Piper Cherokee 140.

What was the best plane in ww2?

P-51D Mustang

The P-51D Mustang is considered by many to be the #1 fighter aircraft of WWII. With internal tanks, the plane had a range of 950 miles. The range increased to 2,200 miles with external tanks. This aircraft was both fast and maneuverable.

Was the Spitfire better than the Hurricane?

The Spitfire and Bf 109E were well-matched in speed and agility, and both were somewhat faster than the Hurricane. However, the slightly larger Hurricane was regarded as an easier aircraft to fly and was effective against Luftwaffe bombers.

How much did Drake’s plane cost?

A Look Inside Drakes $220 Million Dollar Plane.

How much does it cost to refuel a 747?

Seats to fill

A 747 can seat 380 to 560 people, depending on how an airline sets it up. A full one is a moneymaker. But an airline that can’t fill all the seats has to spread the cost of 63,000 gallons of jet fuel — roughly $200,000 — among fewer passengers. The jets also are too big for most markets.

How much do pilots earn?

As a result, commercial pilots are paid well. According to The Occupational Outlook Handbook, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary for commercial pilots is $93,300 per year, which was the the median annual wage in May 2020. The median annual wage for airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers is $160,970.

What is the highest paying job?

Highest-Paying Careers

Rank Occupation 2020 Median wages
1 Anesthesiologists $100.00+
2 General Internal Medicine Physicians $100.00+
3 Obstetricians and Gynecologists $100.00+

How much do FedEx pilots make?

The typical FedEx Pilot salary is $221,135 per year. Pilot salaries at FedEx can range from $39,981 – $415,062 per year. This estimate is based upon 12 FedEx Pilot salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

What type of pilot makes the most money?

The captains are the highest paid airline pilots and they earn from $234,000 to $269,000.

What do UPS pilots make?

The typical UPS Pilot salary is $241,134 per year. Pilot salaries at UPS can range from $77,845 – $629,706 per year.

Who is the highest paid airline pilot?

Which Airlines Pay Pilots The Most?

Airline Average Pilot Salary
Southwest Airlines $221,636
United Airlines $205,164
Delta Airlines $192,336
Qatar Airways $173,975

How much does a 787 pilot make?

Pilots at US carriers can work up to 100 hours per month and up to 1,000 hours per year, though in practice most pilots are going to fly closer to 900 hours per year. For example, a 12th year captain on the 777, 787, or A330, is making $293 per hour. At 900 hours per year, that’s ~$264,000 per year.

How much do United 777 captains make?

Captain Pay Rates (hourly)

Year 1 3
Boeing 777 $310.43 $315.51
Boeing 787 $310.43 $315.51
Boeing 767-200/300 $256.57 $260.84
Airbus 320 $249.98 $253.91

What do 777 captains make?

The top pay for a Delta Airlines Captain is approximately $205,000, but those flying a Boeing 777 can potentially earn $298,500 per year plus bonuses, or as much as $350,000 in one year.

How much do FedEx captains make?

How much does a Captain at FedEx make? The typical FedEx Captain salary is $334,903. Captain salaries at FedEx can range from $73,411 – $384,738.

How much does a 747 pilot make a year?

The national average salary for a Boeing 747 Pilot is $85,103 per year in United States.

Why do cargo pilots get paid more?

Like airline pilots, cargo pilots benefit from opportunities to get promoted to first officer or captain positions and see salary increases with seniority and flight experience.

How much do USPS pilots make?

US Postal Service Salary FAQs

The salary trajectory of an Airline Pilot ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $97,160 per year and goes up to $85,061 per year for the highest level of seniority.

Who pays pilots more FedEx or UPS?

Pilots with the maximum years of experience earn $313 an hour at FedEx and $309 at UPS. (Maximum experience at UPS and FedEx is 15 years, while it’s capped at 12 years at Atlas, ABX, and ATI.) Even smaller cargo airlines, such as Kalitta Air, pay better than ATSG and Atlas. Kalitta 767 captains earn $273 an hour.

How much does a UPS 747 Captain make?

For instance, this is for the Boeing 747-400. UPS offers excellent benefits including opportunities for jump seats.
So, exactly how much can I earn as a UPS pilot?

First Officer Captain
Starting: $50/hr Starting: $50/hr
Average: $208/hr Average: $315/hr
Top: $239/hr Top: $338/hr

How much do Amazon Prime pilots make?

Amazon Salary FAQs

The salary trajectory of a Pilot ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $97,160 per year and goes up to $85,061 per year for the highest level of seniority.

How much do first year FedEx pilots make?

FedEx Pilots Pay

Fedex First Officer Pay: Year 1: $75,000.

What is the best pilot job?

Top 10 Pilot Jobs to Build Your Total Flight Time

  • Part 91 Pilot. …
  • Pipeline/Power Line Pilot. …
  • Aerial Survey Pilot. …
  • Personal Airplane. …
  • Skydive Pilot. …
  • Air Tour Pilot. …
  • Ferry Pilot. …
  • Banner Tow Pilot. This might be a job you didn’t think of, but it can be a very exciting way to get some hours.