Where can you find online the voting records for the both Houses of the UK Parliament?

How do I find my old UK legislation?

Legislation.gov.uk carries the “as enacted” and revised UK legislation. You will find the “as enacted” and revised versions together in one place. Legislation.gov.uk carries most types of UK legislation and their accompanying explanatory documents.

What is a parliamentary report?

The term parliamentary papers can include: The working papers of Parliament (such as Bills, Hansard and the daily business papers for each House). Papers and reports produced by Parliament and its committees. Papers presented to Parliament by outside bodies.

How do you reference the UK Parliament?

House of Commons paper

  1. To be made up of: Parliament. House of Commons. Year of publication (in round brackets). Title (in italics). …
  2. In-text citation: Parliament. House of Commons, 1974).
  3. Reference list: Parliament. House of Commons (1974). Milk production.

Where would you find the UK Parliament?

Both houses of Parliament meet in separate chambers at the Palace of Westminster in the City of Westminster, one of the inner boroughs of the capital city, London.

Where are the parliamentary archives?

the Palace of Westminster

Over three million records are held by the archives in the Victoria Tower of the Palace of Westminster on 5.5 miles of shelving.

Where can I find all the UK laws?

Legislation.gov.uk carries most types of UK Legislation. The list below is a breakdown of the types of legislation held on this site that are applicable to the whole or some part of the UK. From this page you can select any legislation type to continue browsing.

Is Hansard available online?

UK Parliamentary Archives

The text of many parliamentary debates (also known as Hansard or the Official Report) can be accessed online for free, or via paid subscription services.

Where are House of Commons reports published?

House of Commons publications – UK Parliament.

What is yellow paper in Parliament?

A yellow paper is a document containing research that has not yet been formally accepted or published in an academic journal. It is synonymous with the more widely used term preprint.

Where can I read legislation?

Congress.gov provides the full text of laws from the 103rd Congress (1993-1994) to the current Congress and summaries from the 93rd congress to the current congress. For laws from the 103rd Congress (1993-1994) to the present Congress, there is a link to the Public Law via the GPO govinfo site.

What is the most important law in the UK?

However, Statute Law stands out as the most important source of the constitution. The reason for this is that Parliament is sovereign. Therefore, any law passed by Parliament (a Statute Law) takes precedence over all other sources of the constitution.

What are my civil rights UK?

This usually means the right to vote, the right to life, the prohibition on torture, security of the person, the right to personal liberty and due process of law, freedom of expression and freedom of association.

Can you search Hansard?

Hansard: the UK Parliament Record. Search Hansard

Hansard is the transcript of all parliamentary debates, published by Parliament itself. TheyWorkForYou’s version of Hansard is the easiest to use anywhere on the web. Search Hansard now by entering any word or phrase in the box above.

Where are the Hansard records kept?

the Australian Parliament

Official records are kept of everything that is said and done in the Australian Parliament. These records include Hansard, Journals of the Senate, and Votes and Proceedings.

Where can you find copies of the Hansard?


  • Commons Library.
  • Lords Library.
  • POST.

When did Hansard go online?


Hansard online is an ongoing project involving the Commons and Lords Hansards and the Parliamentary Digital Service. When the site was first launched, it offered content from 2010 to the present day.

What is the Hansard archive?

Hansard is the official record of what has been said* in both Houses of Parliament. As such it carries a “substantially verbatim” report of proceedings. There are two separate sequences for the two houses. All bound volumes of Hansard are on the open shelves in the Ford Collection on Level 3 of the Hartley Library.

What is Hansard record?

Hansard is a record of speeches, questions and answers and procedural events in the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly and is known as Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

Is Hansard public information?

Australian Parliament House is open to the public. The Hansard is the report of the proceedings of the Australian parliament and its committees. This includes the Senate, House of Representatives, the Federation Chamber and all parliamentary committees.

What is the parliamentary record called?


Hansard is the traditional name of the transcripts of Parliamentary debates in Britain and many Commonwealth countries.

What type of information is found in Hansard?

Core Function of Hansard

The Hansard Department is responsible for House Reports. It produces verbatim reports of House proceedings, and proceedings of oversight/ watchdog committees of National Assembly.

Which document is used to record parliamentary proceedings?

Hansard is the name by which the official printed record of parliamentary debates is usually known. If you would like to know what is said during parliamentary debates, refer to Hansard.

Where is Hansard used?

Hansard is an edited transcript—written record—of what is said in the Australian Parliament: in the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Federation Chamber and committee hearings.

Why is it called a Hansard?

Hansard, the official report of the debates of both houses of the British Parliament. The name and publication format were subsequently adopted by other Commonwealth countries. It is so called after the Hansards, a family of printers who began working with Parliament in the late 18th century.

What is the mace used for in Parliament?

The Mace is the symbol of the authority of the House of Representatives and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. At the start of each sitting day, the Mace is carried into the House by the Serjeant-at-Arms and placed on the central table.

Can Hansard be edited?

Rewriting or altering the transcript: the Hansard record is, as far as is possible, a record of what was actually said. A speaker should not change the transcript to put in what they wished they had said or what they would have written in a formal paper on the subject.

Who owns Hansard?

Hansard Global

Type Public
Industry Financial services
Founded 1970
Headquarters Isle of Man
Key people Dr Leonard Polonsky, Group President

Under what circumstances can UK courts rely on Hansard?

It permits Hansard to be used where the legislation is ambiguous or obscure or leads to an absurdity, and the material relied on comprises one or more statements by a Minister or other promoter of the Bill and such other parliamentary material as is necessary to understand the statements, and the effect and the …

How do you reference Hansard?

Reference examples

Hansard Name of House abbreviated (ie HC or HL) Deb. vol. number col. number(s), date.

Is Hansard a primary source of law?

Parliamentary Debates

This series, most often referred to as Hansard, reports debates in the houses of Parliament. The first four series cover debate up through 1908; these are authorized but are neither complete nor necessarily verbatim and came from secondary sources.

What is Hansard evidence?

Hansard is “a full report, in the first person, of all speakers alike, a full report being defined as one ‘which, though not strictly verbatim, is substantially the verbatim report, with repetitions and redundancies omitted and with obvious mistakes corrected, but which on the other hand leaves out nothing that adds to …

What is a new law called before it is passed by Parliament?

A bill is a proposed law which is introduced into Parliament. Once a bill has been debated and then approved by each House of Parliament, and has received Royal Assent, it becomes law and is known as an act.