Why wasn’t the DeLorean DMC-12 popular on the market?

It was a good car! But design, production as well as the company owner were dogged by setbacks, in part caused by the innovative design and therefore untested manufacturing technologies used.

Why did the DeLorean DMC-12 fail?

The electronic wasn´t the best aswell. For example the engine ventilation didn´t always work which of course caused overheating. The other problem was, that the DMC-12 only had 132 hp but weighed 2,866 Pounds (1300 kilos), which means that it wasn´t a performance car at all.

Why did the DeLorean not sell?

The lack of demand, cost overruns, and unfavorable exchange rates began to take their toll on DMC’s cash flow in late 1981. The company had estimated its break-even point to be between 10,000 and 12,000 units, but sales were only around 6,000.

What was the issue with the DeLorean?

As a result, the DeLorean had many quality control issues. Some of the issues buyers had to deal with included failing electrical systems, batteries dying prematurely, instruments playing up, sticking throttles, incorrect wheel alignments, and leaking doors.

What was the biggest problem with the DeLorean?

Unfortunately, DeLorean had difficulties right from the start. An unskilled workforce coupled with corporate financial difficulties led to the car’s less than ideal build quality. All that in conjunction with a lackluster US Economy and mixed reception from the automotive press spelled disaster for DMC.

Can a DeLorean go 88 MpH?

After entering a target date with the keypad inside the DeLorean, the operator accelerates the car to 88 miles per hour (141.6 km/h), which activates the flux capacitor. As it accelerates, several coils around the body glow blue/white while a burst of light appears in front of it.

Why was the DeLorean so slow?

It was slow.

The DMC-12 was supposed to be lighter and more powerful than the production version turned out to be. The production car used a puny 140-horsepower V-6 engine from a Peugoet-Renault-Volvo joint venture which never delivered the performance promised by founder John Z.

Did the DeLorean sell well?

By the end of 1981, DMC had produced 7,500 cars but had sold only 3,000. By this point, DMC was in a financial hardship having sold only 350 units in January 1982 and in February of that year, DMC was placed into receivership.

How much is a DeLorean car worth today?

How Much Is A DeLorean DMC Worth Today? Those looking to purchase a classic DeLorean today will soon learn that prices are all over the place. According to Hagerty’s Valuation Tool, the average price is roughly $40,000 these days.

How much are deloreans worth today?

The average value of a DeLorean in #2 (Excellent) condition is $46,300, regardless of model year.

Are DeLoreans reliable cars?

Even though it’s a cool car, the DeLorean was badly built, slow, outdated and unreliable. The DMC DeLorean is probably as famous as the Ferrari F40, the Lamborghini Countach, the Porsche 911, the Ford Mustang – but unlike these automotive icons, the DeLorean is not a good car.

What’s the top speed of the DeLorean?


Model DeLorean DMC-12
Power 130 hp
Torque 153 lbft
Weight 1288 kg
Top speed 130 mph (c) / 109 mph*

What kind of engine is in a DeLorean?

What Engine Is In A Delorean?

Model: DMC DeLorean
Engine: 2.8-litre V6
Power: 135bhp
Transmission: Five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
0-60mph: 9.6 seconds

Who owns the original DeLorean from Back to the Future?

Universal Studios Hollywood

The DeLorean DMC-12 time machine, made famous by the 1985 blockbuster, Back to the Future went on public display at the Petersen Automotive Museum on April 22, 2016. The stainless steel time machine will be on permanent loan to the Petersen courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood.

How much is a DeLorean worth 2020?

Most DeLoreans worth your time will run between $35,000 and $45,000, so it’s still well within the grasp of enthusiasts on a moderate budget.

How much is a 1981 DeLorean worth?

A: The lowest recorded sale price was $8,100 for a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 Project on February 25 2020. Q: What is the average sale price of a DMC-12? A: The average price of a DMC-12 is $47,724.

Who owns DeLorean?

British-born mechanic Stephen Wynne purchased the rights to the DeLorean name and remaining parts inventory in 1995. Since then, the company has provided service to the 6,000 DeLorean cars still in existence from its home in Humble, north of Houston.

How many DeLoreans are left in the world?


With just over 9,000 produced, an estimated 6500 remain on the road today. But it was 1985’s “Back to the Future” that electrified audiences, cementing the DeLorean’s place in American pop culture.

How much will the 2021 DeLorean cost?

That puts the new DeLorean in the $175,000 range.

For context, the original 1981 DMC-12 was $25,000, which in 2022 dollars is about $80k.

Can you buy a brand new DeLorean?

A new DeLorean? Ironically, enthusiasts have been able to buy an essentially new DeLorean since 2008 for about $65,000. We say “essentially” as they are built from approximately 80% genuine DeLorean parts from the 1980s that were acquired when British entrepreneur Stephen Wynn purchased the failing DMC.

Is DMC coming back?

The DMC-12, better known just as DeLorean, will be back in 2022 as a fully electric sports vehicle. DeLorean Motor Company has taken to Twitter to announce the new deadline and release a teaser video of the new car.

Who owns DMC now?

DMC Texas, as they are known, has an additional two authorized dealers in Orlando, Florida; Crystal Lake, Illinois; and a company-owned location in Huntington Beach, California.
DeLorean Motor Company (Texas)

The DMC logo
Trade name DeLorean Motor Company
Predecessor DeLorean Motor Company
Founded 12 May 1995
Founder Stephen Wynne

Did Johnny Carson buy a DeLorean?

John DeLorean’s dream ended in about as catastrophic a way as a dream could end, but, at its peak, his company drew significant celebrity investment. One of those investors was Tonight Show host Johnny Carson. Carson was given this particular DMC-12 as a company car.

What happened to John DeLorean’s fortune?

John DeLorean was best known for founding the DeLorean Motor Company, a venture that ended in scandal, bankruptcy and arrest. In 1982, DeLorean was charged with cocaine trafficking, but was later exonerated.
John DeLorean Net Worth.

Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Nationality: United States of America

What was a 2005 DeLorean worth?

In October 1982, DeLorean was charged with cocaine trafficking after FBI informant James Hoffman solicited him as financier in a scheme to sell 220 lb (100 kg) of cocaine worth approximately $24 million.

John DeLorean
Died March 19, 2005 (aged 80) Summit, New Jersey, U.S.

Did DeLorean go jail?

DeLorean is arrested and charged with conspiracy to obtain and distribute 55 pounds of cocaine. DeLorean was acquitted of the drug charges in August 1984, but his legal woes were only beginning. He soon went on trial for fraud and over the next two decades was forced to pay millions of dollars to creditors and lawyers.

How much is a 1983 DeLorean?

36-Years-Owned 1983 DeLorean DMC-12 for sale on BaT Auctions – sold for $45,000 on June 29, 2020 (Lot #33,285) | Bring a Trailer.

What year did John DeLorean leave GM?


DeLorean, a Detroit native, was once thought to be a contender for the presidency of General Motors but left the world’s largest automaker in 1973 and went on to start his own company, DeLorean Motor Company, with the backing of investors like Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis Jr.